The Winchester Mystery House

Mysterious things dazzle me.

While visiting friends in San Jose, CA. I couldn’t pass up the world-famous, extravagant maze of a Victorian mansion. I’m a sucker for old things, so buildings, furniture, household items are always intriguing to me and this visit absolutely made my day.

The Mansion was built and designed by the Winchester Rifle and heiress Sarah Winchester. An eccentric woman who transformed a small farmhouse into hundreds of rooms and strange corridors. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the magnificent craftsmanship and detailed furniture and ironwork. If you are like me and love all the old things, you will definitely appreciate the tour yourself.

At the time of my visit, I did not have a good camera or a plan to post the pictures on any blog.  The quality is poor, but I hope you can make the tour yourself and appreciate the Mystery House and its history for what it is, and with your own eyes.

I have found a great post about the Winchester Mystery House so please go to the link below to read more about the history and hauntings there. Enjoy!

 The Winchester Mystery House  


I really never knew what Ice Box looked like. 

Overlooking the roof from one of the rooms gives you an idea of the complexity of this mansion. 

I can’t vouch for the Orbs in this picture to be real, but the room where this beautiful organ is located comes with its own ghostly story you can read in the link I provided. 

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3 thoughts on “The Winchester Mystery House

  1. The tour looked amazing. Mrs. Winchester must of liked long corridors. That roof top view shows a corridor or two.

    I bet the woodwork was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. Since they do not allow photos of inside to be posted on social media with an exception of a few areas, all I can say, it was truly a-Maze-ing !

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