Visiting Schloss Bürresheim Castle

I was always fascinated with castles and old ruins. There is something mystical about them.

My bucket list is long and includes many I still want to visit. Europe has many absolutely fascinating structures and here is one that you should definitely put on your list while in Germany!

Located about two hours Northwest of Frankfurt,  this thousand-year old Schloss Buerresheim Castle is very impressive and definitely takes you way back in a day. So many years of history goes in to the cobble stone road and bricks and rocks that are holding this enormous structure and still standing strong.

Over centuries, this castle has been transformed from separate buildings into current state of remains.

If you are an Indiana Jones buff, this may look familiar as the last Crusade was filmed here.

The structure has many beautiful details all around, it is breathtaking!

You can only take photos of some parts inside of the castle,

but there are many stunning rooms to explore and admire.

Schloss Bürresheim is open for tours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m between January and November.

Despite the tours  being in German, (with English brochure optional), it is still worth seeing if you are a castle lover.


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