The truth about Valentine’s Day

We really don’t need Valentine’s Day.

Or, do we?

I think, if we need to be reminded of LOVE, we really suck at it.

In my opinion, we should care enough about our relationships to realize that making time for each other at least once a month should be mandatory.  I know, everyone is busy and can find many excuses, but if you care enough and love one another, you make sure to let them know more than once a year in February. Wouldn’t you agree?

I am a little annoyed with seeing suggestive advertising of expensive jewelry and diamond collections specifically designed for that time of the year steering consumers into thinking this is what perfect Valentine’s day should be like. And here is why I hate this time in February; I never know what to get a guy.

Love with a price tag.

I want a nice, quiet day, or evening with my loved one where we don’t have to feel under pressure.

But when everyone is spending money on silly bears and overpriced bouquets of flowers, how do you just not get something?

I used to ask what HE would like, but being a guy, the answer is always the same and if you have any imagination, you know what that is. That is quickly followed by “Don’t get me anything, honey. You don’t have to.”

I know I don’t HAVE to, but how can I live with myself knowing that this guy will spend money he shouldn’t have anyway, and I will end up feeling like an ass.

I have to do something or get something. There is no way around it.

I am not keeping up with the Joneses!

My head starts to throb and I make a few phone calls to find out what my friends are getting their other halves.

The mistake was to ask in a first place. I realized that to some, Valentines Day is like Christmas.

For example, my old neighbor’s husband was getting a hedge trimmer because his wife felt bad for not getting it for Christmas. Apparently, it is a romantic gesture to give tools. Who knew!

An old school friend I rarely see, but talk-to often decided to go BIG and book a surprise weekend getaway in Florida. That would be nice if neither of us worked, we didn’t have kids and leaving for the weekend on a whim would be as easy as getting a haircut. Unfortunately, we are regular people with jobs, bills to pay, and responsibilities that only allow us to make weekend plans way in advance and, only if we are back before our dogs call ASPCA. They have the number on speed dial. If dinner is late, and trust me, they have very accurate sensors, I get the stink eye and an attitude!

Then,  this girl I worked with is thinking of trading their family vehicle for a new one. The kind her husband would like and in color red. How sweet! I wonder if her husband will also like the payment that comes with the car, as he will be the one paying the bill later.  I can only roll my eyes here because I see so many things going wrong here.

All those ideas sound awesome, really, but I see no love here. I see a competition between people who want to prove something and that something comes with a hefty price tag.

I made demands. No buying of any meaningless items that will die, make me fat, I will hide in the box with all the other “stuff” or something outrageously expensive that we end up paying till we’re 80.

The reasoning.

I grew up where handmade gifts were passed around for generations and valued by their receivers.  Unfortunately, we live in different times now, and I am not knitting any scarfs or sweaters for anyone! Cutting out paper hearts is out of the question also, and that leaves me with a small budget and no ideas whatsoever.

My mind is all scrambled in many shades of pink and red. Everything I look at in the store is red, or pink, has a heart, a bear, a rose, a cute puppy, or a big set of chocolate lips attached to it. Perhaps the lips…they look sexy. Nah.

We’ve reached the verdict.

We both like outdoors and exploring new places.  This year, I wrote our new Valentine’s Day idea on my Bucket List and demanded that we keep up with it.  I see more value in spending time away and together, and the plan stands as of now!  I will keep us motivated to actually get out and go somewhere. Memories and those little moments are what I value most.

I am looking forward to the next Monday. Since our work schedules and other, prior arrangements stand in the way, we are making the 19th Our Day!

I intend to tell you all about it, because we already are getting a kick out of it, and I am sure you will, too!

Stay tuned!

“some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.” -Charles Bukowski


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  1. Rightly said☺

    No need to celebrate relationship on a single mentioned day. Definitely hand made gifts were more valuable. They have consumed times unlike that of high price tag gifts.😊

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