Super Powers of Turmeric, my Superhero



Turmeric saved my life! Well, kind of.

Maybe “life’ is too big of a word, but it definitely felt like a life saver at the time. Plus the three hundred dollar bill I was about to get when my recently worked on root canal went rouge.

Something wasn’t right that Friday morning.  I was facing a four day weekend and my tooth felt on fire. I was out of state, not knowing one dentist locally, and emergency visit on holiday weekend was out of my price range.

Long story short, I was at the store that morning shopping for herbs and spices, and $10 later, I was on my way to begin my cure.  Since I stumbled upon this awesome article, I decided to share it here, because Turmeric is truly amazing spice, and a must-have in my medicine or kitchen cupboard.

By the end of my weekend, the welling and pain subsided, and the newly forming infection went away, and I made a mental note about it’s powers.

There are several ways to make Turmeric tea or lemonade, and this article covers it quite well, so keep on reading the rest of Turmeric Supepowers in the link below.

(Power of Positivity) You may have heard of ‘curcumin’, a spice that is incorporated into many Indian dishes. What you may not know is that curcumin, which is derived from turmeric, is a very potent, all-natural substance.

via Get Your Turmeric Lemonade On! Eliminate Stress And Anxiety — Divine Frequency

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4 thoughts on “Super Powers of Turmeric, my Superhero

  1. I tried doing the capsulas because of the great benefits especially anit inflamatory. But broke out in acne around my mouth. Not an attractive look. It was the only change I made in my “lifestyle”. Stopped taking it and talked with my Dermatologist and he said it was probably a reaction. So, I’m disappointed I cant take it and just a friendly warning.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Main reason I stay away from any capsules is the additives they put in them. I drink my tea at least three times per week. Honey and lemon to taste and love the help it provides me.

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