Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s Bucket List

I can’t say I know many people who have not seen Grand Canyon yet. Most have been there more than once and I perfectly understand why.   As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon, in the high desert of northern Arizona, offers the most complete engagement with the human spirit you will ever witness. Its unique combination of color and erosional forms is overwhelming to our senses through its immense size.

North Rim is closed during winter months, and most of the little over 5 million annual visitors end up visiting South Rim, which is open all year-long and is most accessible.

Aside from all the beauty of the Canyon itself, there is a lot more to see in the Park just driving in.

 Grand Canyon Village has three main areas of interest:

The Visitor Center also called Mather Point, is where most visitors park and get their first look at Grand Canyon. There are four parking areas located close, and the transit center with free shuttle buses for your convenience.

Market Plaza – the business center where the general store, bank and US Post Office are located,

Historic District, with the railroad depot, original lodges; where the village started back in the pioneer days.

The Village Shuttle Bus connects restaurants, Visitors Center, Lodges, and shops.

Hermit Road Shuttle Route operates from March until end of November and has 9 stops and overlooks along its 7-mile scenic drive. If you happen to be there between December and February, you can enter that route with your personal vehicle at your own risk.


While the North Rim is closed for winter, the Desert View is open all year.

Desert View is a small settlement on the South Rim located about 25 miles of Grand Canyon Village and near the eastern edge of Grand Canyon. Arizona Highway 64, also known as Desert View Drive is a scenic road that connects Desert view with Grand Canyon Village. There is no lodging, but a general store, service station and gift shop are open.


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  1. You definitely need to see it from the north and south, which I have done, and you need to see it in different seasons, which I guess I am still working on. If you do the south rim I would suggest going in one entrance (e.g. from the south) and exiting from the other (e.g. the east). Still want to get over to the west side of the canyon as well.

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