Savings at your fingertips. Literally!

You can find savings everywhere.

Who doesn’t like to save money or get freebies?

Okay, so I know a few people who don’t give a rats ass about saving a few bucks. They have money growing on a tree somewhere, so clearly this will not interest them.  It is for the rest of us, who make each penny count, stretch the dollar to its limits, and looks for saving on a daily basis in every corner of the Universe. I became one of those people not that long ago, and I admit, it can be habit-forming.

I don’t clip coupons and I feel bad about not embracing this part-time job.  My full-time employment is keeping me plenty busy so scissors in my hand after all day of work is not a very good idea so I discovered few other ways of saving on little things.

After using a smartphone for many years, I finally started utilizing its potential. I downloaded many apps that I didn’t know existed. Some of those apps made my life a lot easier, some made me question my existence, but those few, put a smile on my face each time I buy the things I normally do, and I want to share them with you.

In today’s world most stores and fast food restaurants have apps of some sort, but here is just a few that are most frequently used by everyone on regular basis. Sometimes, we just forget they exist.

McDonald’s app- It allows you to pre-order your food, pay with the app. earning points and also comes with weekly specials and two for one deals. You can also browse the menu and check nutrition before ordering without being rushed at the check out line. Who wouldn’t use a free sandwich or a beverage!

Donkin Donuts app- works a lot like McDonalds app. Nutrition and menu are available to check and you earn point you can redeem later for something off the menu.

I am not a frequent Starbucks shopper, but their app works the same way as the other just mentioned. You also get a free drink for your birthday.

I love GasBuddy– you pay with the card issued by GasBuddy which is backed by your bank, but each time you fill up, you pay less than you would by using your bank card. The app has many perks, trip planners, cheaper gas finder and many more features. Definitely worth checking out!

PayPal Business Mastercard– you do not have to have a business and it is not a credit card. It is backed by your bank, but you get to use it to pay for things like debit or credit transaction. It earns you a percentage based on your signature purchases in a form of a deposit back your bank account.

Hopper is my favorite flight price tracker. You pick a date for when you are planning on traveling and your destination. Hopper will give you an approximate price and will send you notifications when that price drops or increases for those saved dates. You can purchase when ready or when you think the deal is at it’s lowest.

CirckleK and few other gas stations also have apps that upon ‘checking-in, you are earning points and rewards.

GoodRx is great for those without insurance coverage for prescriptions. or with high deductibles. Just fill the prescribed medication into the search and it will find you the price you will pay and least expensive pharmacy. It generates a coupon you use at the check out I absolutely love this app. and have been using it for savings over $100 after my co-pay.

Ebates– I think everyone has heard of this but in case you are not using this app yet, you are missing out on some serious savings. If you are an online shopper, this is a great opportunity to reward yourself with some cash back from every purchase.

Security Master– a free version of this app will allow you to lock only certain apps on your phone, such as email, banking info, apps you pay with-with additional password. Some phones already have this feature build in, but for those who want a little extra protection, this is a great solution. I chose not to lock my phone as it is easier for me to access my camera and other features. With this app. I don’t have to worry if someone tries to open my email or selected application without my presence. Since it is free, it has minimal advertising showing while you are unlocking it but works great otherwise.


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