Restless Leg Syndrome and simple solution I wish I knew about years ago.

What worked for me, I hope works for you, too.

Restless Leg Syndrome is a sort of tongue twister to me. If I had to say it fast, it would probably sound like an unrecognizable mumble. I would laugh at the end trying to save it, but there is nothing to laugh about. It is a very exhausting and testing sanity experience. That tingling sensation in your legs you can’t do anything about can drive you absolutely crazy and no one will understand unless they are facing the same problem.

I remember being very uncomfortable while sitting in the movie theatre one day and was wondering what was going on with me. I thought I had too much sugar in my diet. When I was little, my mom always said eating too much sugar will make me “jump off the walls”. Well, now I feel like I want to jump off the building. (Not really, but you get the point).

My life was busy enough to worry about my leg problem so I went on ignoring the symptoms as long as I could.   Sitting at my desk at work was annoying to those around me just as much as it was to me. I avoided going to the movies for the same reason.  Driving a car for a long time would want me to speed excessively just to get to my destination faster and be able to stand up. My flight to anywhere would be exciting until I sat on the plane and realized I won’t make it through the next three hours without screaming or becoming a problem to the people next to me. Sitting still, without moving was a torture no matter where I was. Just like being claustrophobic and getting an MRI, or worse.

Falling asleep in bed was another torture. Tossing and turning was equal to an exercise and only possible when I was alone. I see how it could be a deal breaker in any relationship. Who wants to be kicked around all night long without a reason?

I was becoming a Zombie. I couldn’t get any rest at night and finally when I went 36 hours without any sleep, I decided to seek help and I made an appointment with a doctor.  I was never quick to get prescription drugs for anything but at this moment I was desperate. If I had to go another day or night like this, someone would end up being hurt.   I went to see my doctor just to learn the only drug that would help me is one that is used to treat patients with Parkinson’s Decease and there aren’t many options for me yet.

I took my prescribed dose for four days and during that time I was amazed how much easier my life became. I was finally getting sleep and made plans to actually go to the theatre.

After about a week things started to get weird.  My peaceful, restful nights became real nightmares and my days were filled with weird visions and hallucinations. I quickly learned those were the side effects of my medication, and my doctor suggested cutting the dose in half.

That only worked for a few days, and as my restlessness was coming back to the surface, I was still managing some sleep, but the nightmares never went away. Finally, I started dividing my pill into three little pieces. My prescription wasn’t working for me how I was expecting. Too little result was not worth the side effects I was getting.  I gave up on taking my medication and got some temporary night-time relief from Ben-Gay.

One day, I came across a local Research Study Group that I decided to look into. I would never consider becoming a Guinea Pig for any medication, but I was desperate. within a month I had my first appointment which leads to some blood work and filling out many forms.  The results I got were shocking.  I did not qualify for the research!!!! WHAT???

Well, turns out my blood work was pretty good, and there were no abnormalities with anything, but one thing that was an apparent deal breaker for the study; my iron levels were too low. But, I take iron!  How could that be?

How often do we take supplements and think they are working for us, where in fact there is a very little nutrient in some of those pills we take or our bodies simply don’t absorb them? That was my case, too. I could eat iron pills for breakfast and lunch but I wasn’t benefiting from them at all. I had to change the quality and way of taking my supplements. I found a better place that was recommended by a doctor.

( you can find my source of herbal supplements and vitamins here)

Solution was simple!

I started following directions and taking Magnesium and Vitamin C together for 30 days. The results were stunning!  Just in two weeks I saw a significant difference and realized I no longer had irritation in my legs. Eventually, it went away completely or was so minimal I never noticed it anymore.  I ran out of my vitamins a couple of times and instantly noticed my irritability coming back.  My Magnesium and Vitamin C are on my monthly shopping list now. All these years of suffering and such simple solution, took care of my problem. I wish my doctor told me about it.

I realize that what works for me, may not work for everyone, but I think it is worth to try this safer and healthier solution over damaging side effects of prescription drugs. I only wish I knew about this earlier.

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14 thoughts on “Restless Leg Syndrome and simple solution I wish I knew about years ago.

  1. Glad you found your “magic pill(s).” My dad kicks his wife…they now sleep in desperate bedrooms. I thought my doctor was crazy when she told me “Google it”… She said there was nothing that I could do. Few years later, another doc gave me Ropinerol. I don’t take it regularly, it seems to come and go. Bottom line, its not fun and the journey to find out what works is personal.

    1. Ropinirole is a generic name of Requip and I did not like what it did to me. It did help the RLS symptoms great, but put me in depression due to the nightmares and hallucinations I was having as a result.

  2. Glad you found the cure for your restless leg problem. I can only imagine how much it must have caused you. I have suffered similarly for having too low iron content in my body so I can relate to you a bit.

    1. I am taking 500mg Magnesium with vitamin C and whatever I have available at the time, which could be anywhere from 200mg to 500mg. Vitamin C is to assist absorbtion of the Magnesium. I do eat friuot and veggies, so I get nutrients that way. In the very beginning, Ialso tool low iron for about a week. Once I stabilized my levels, I nly allow myself to go without any supplements up to two days so I don;t have to deal with the results of the obvious. I hope this helps 🙂 Thank you for reading!!!

        1. The Citrate is good for digesting or, if you are having trouble with ‘bathroom time” For RLS I used the regular magnesium, or magnesium oxide.

          This is the one, and it also comes in 500mg.

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