The noodle battle and solution. You need this!

 Fork to mouth battle.

I love pasta, but when it comes to spaghetti, it’s always been a challenge for me. How do you transport a fork full of this delicious carb into your mouth without  dropping everything back into the plate,your lap or simply getting it all over your mouth (and clothes)  in a process?

I know, there is a fork and spoon trick, but that requires both hands, and mine prefers to hold a piece of freshly baked garlic bread that goes well with my dish.

Then there is the trick of twirling the noodles onto the fork, but that never works well and ends up splashing the sauce everywhere it shouldn’t be.

I may be lacking some table etiquette here, but in reality, I know I am not the only one that struggles with the damn noodle.

How did I not know about this?

When I was younger and did a lot of cooking, I had every kitchen gadget that was on the market.

My husband had (and I think still does) a habit of buying everything ” As seen on TV” . Our kitchen was very well equipped with everything that was made in China, looked cool on commercial, was completely useless and poorly made, and those few I bought because I needed them to shred my carrots. And mostly,  because it promised to make my life easier. I had it all! Or did I?

Turns out I knew nothing about Spaghetti Fork or knew about its existance!   Not until I came across a blog I follow for its wonderful cooking and baking recipes   that I was introduced to this great invention. I want to thank Diane  for making this information available to me because I am tired of losing my battles to a simple spaghetti noodle!

And soon as I found out about this great tool, guess what I ordered for my next pasta dinning experience?


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