The Lonely Coffee Mug

I’m not really a mug hoarder.

I open my cupboard in the morning with the intention of finding my favorite coffee mug. It’s never there. As I look through the shelf filled with colorful cups and mugs of various texture and size, I realize, I don’t need all of them. I only like all of them, but I only need one. That ONE is my favorite. One I use every day. One that makes my coffee taste better than any other. One that I can never find here because if it isn’t being used, it is drying in the dishwasher. That mug never makes it to the cupboard. It never gets a chance to be nicely placed next to his ceramic family of mugs.

It is a lonely coffee mug.

As I look at the shelf, I realize I haven’t used good number of them. Ever. They are just there. Taking up space on the shelf without a real purpose.

There is a whole collection of them. Tall, skinny, big and small, almost in every color, size, and texture that ever caught my eye and always looking pretty at the store just before I shove one in my shopping cart. Before I know it, it finds its way home and gets adopted by the rest of the coffee mug family.

Just like drinking coffee in the morning, buying new mug is a habit I need to break. Today, I broke my mug instead.

Now, I am looking through the shelf filled with all the cups and mugs in search of the one that will serve my coffee right. One that will become my next favorite. And one, that is going to be the next Lonely Mug.


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