Jerome. The most Vertical City in Arizona.

Make Jerome your destination for your next trip to Arizona.

This historic copper mining town; Jerome,  was founded in 1876 on top of Cleopatra Hill at (5,200 feet) Back in the day, Jerome was one of the largest cities in the Arizona Territory. In 1920’s population of 15,000 is now counted at about 450.

In 1967 Jerome was designated a National Historic District by the federal government. Today, Jerome is a thriving tourist and artist community with a small population and a big scenery.

Why most vertical? You just have to see it. The town was built on the mountain and not one street has a horizontal surface except one leading to the Ghost Town Museum, and only for a short part of it.

In Jerome you can find a modicum of artists, musicians, writers, performers, crafters, B&B and small gift shop owners, and investors who come out to view and plan renovations to their old, fallen down properties. Many little gift shops will keep you occupied for hours. If you have a sweet tooth, you can visit old fashion ice cream shop or taste the most amazing fudge made right in front of you.


If you ask if Jerome is worth your time, my answer is definitely YES!

Jerome is a photographer’s paradise and is very enchanting. The history behind this Ghost Town is intriguing, and if you have appreciation for old things, the Ghost Town Museum alone, will take up good couple of hours of your time.

                                                          Entrance to Ghost Town Museum

Inside the outdoor Museum you can find many interesting vehicles, household items and mining tools.

Jerome being centrally located, makes it easy for you to stay at one of the towns B&B and venture out to Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff or even Grand Canyon, and be back for the night to relax where you can enjoy peaceful night, or a local Pub with music.

If you feel adventurous,  you can also book a Ghost Town Tour to find out more about the fascinating mysteries of Jerome.

Mile High Restaurant has amazing breakfast, and their breakfast sausages are to die for ( or cross your eyes for) as you see in the picture below.

                                                                Unforgettable breakfast @ Mile High

View of the upper street with renovated buildings and many shops and eateries. I wanted to go to that Winery, but I would be tempted, and that is not what designated drivers do. 🙂

View of the street with old cars.


One of the shops side yard. So many items and so much history! 

I could spend hours looking and admiring. 


     As you drive up to Jerome from Wickenburg, you get to see this awesome giant frog painted rock. 

Hope you find time to visit Jerome and its surroundings!







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