The dogs.The rain. And the lack of motivation.

A very true story.

Do you need to motivate your dog to go outside when it’s raining?  What dog needs motivation? Aren’t they all happy to just run outside any time of the day? NOT in the case of my dogs!

This could be a one-sentence story with an optional picture titled ” Lazy dogs”, but I will tell you how this looks in my house.

We live in a state that has only a handful of rainy days during the year, so naturally, as a human, I look forward to those cloudy and drizzly days. My dogs, not so much.

For the bigger part of the year, my alarm is set for 4:30 am.  The Mutts are usually sitting and waiting for me at the bottom of the staircase wagging their tails. They can’t wait for me to open the door so they can run outside. The last two days have been different. I’ve never seen lazy dogs like mine. For a moment there, I was even worried they got sick from something. Both belly up and in their beds. No wagging tails, and no one to greet me in the morning.

I could hear the drops of rain hitting the window just slightly and I realized what the problem was. The rain!  Not a windy, cold, severe weather day, just a little warm drizzle of a morning. Still, not exciting for the furry guys to make an effort to get up and go out.

I opened the patio door, called their names. Nothing! Not even a twitch. Seriously!  If I didn’t see their eyes staring at me, I would think they were dead.

My dogs are VERY food motivated. If nothing works, the food certainly would.  If open the refrigerator’s door or a plastic wrapper, they are right there next to me, watching and waiting. Not today.



She is very camera-shy. Being able to take her picture like this one takes some serious skills.


Nothing works.

I opened the doggie treat jar. Nothing.

I took a few biscuits out and placed them in their bowls. Nothing.

I just don’t think I CAN motivate my dogs to go outside in the rain today.

I got dressed with an intention of running a quick errand and grabbed my car keys from the hook on the wall. My quick and clumsy gesture knocked the leash off the hook, and it fell to the tiled floor making a familiar sound. Before I reached down and placed it back in its spot, both wet snouts were sitting right behind me breathing heavy with excitement.

I guess riding in a car is the new ‘thing” to get them going on a rainy day. But, do they realize we are going out and into the rain? I guess it doesn’t matter when they are sitting in the dry car.

I grabbed the leashes, a tennis ball and a few treats and opened the hatch. Both launched themselves quickly into the car all excited.  As I drove to the nearby park I glanced at them. Both sitting by the rear window staring. Window lickers.

….if they only knew…..

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  1. I love it and can totally relate!!! My dogs (and I have 5!) loathe the rain. I have to go out in it with them to get them to go potty. Spoiled brats!! Great read🐶

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