Cholla Mountain at Lake Pleasant

Arizona has lakes!

Before I lived in Arizona, I had no idea there were so many lakes here.  I just never thought of the desert this way. After spending few years here, I realized that there is far more to see and explore than I originally thought and Arizona has about 120 lakes if I’m not mistaken. Among a large number of bodies of water, only two of them are natural lakes.

Lake Pleasant

Being a winter here, it is a perfect time to do some hiking. Tackling one area at the time, I am onto exploring Lake Pleasant trails.   Lake Pleasant is a man-made lake located about an hour North of Phoenix. There is a lot to do here. Between boating, camping, hiking and fishing this area will keep a family busy all weekend long.

This past weekend we went to explore Cholla Mountain located southwest of Pipeline Canyon, east of Baldy Mountain and north of Saddleback Mtn.  Elevated 2372 ft above the sea level, Cholla Mt. was a pretty nice hike. The narrow trail definitely provided us with a new experience and if I had to visit again, I would pick a weekday over a weekend due to heavier traffic.

She always has a good time hiking.

                            Only a few visitors at this time of the day. 

               I’d like to be here for the sunrise. maybe next time. 

Testing the water

Saguaro and their shapes always fascinated me.

Geo-marker from 1934. 

                                                                        I call them Saguaro Gates

                                                              Lava Rock an addition to my Digital Rock Collection.   

         Very interesting looking base of this cactus. 

                                                                                 Driftwood from the lake

                                                                                Termites were here


Pipeline Canyon Trail

Just under 4 miles and mostly used for hiking April through October, this trail is fun for everyone, including four-legged members of the family. Bring water and “top of the mountain” snacks for the little ones, and camera for the astonishing views!






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    1. Thank you. Arizona has some amazing places and views. my dogs’ name is Ushka. Ushi for short, or as I like to call her, Sushi. She will, however, respond to any name you call her as long as you are holding a piece of food in your hand. And I mean ANY kind of food, jalapeno included.

        1. Yes, the name came from a breeder. Each litter of puppies gets names in alphabetical order. She was in the litter of ‘U”‘s, and there is only so many names you can come up with starting with that letter. And I have not seen this dog not eat anything that you accidentally drop or throw in the air for her to catch.

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