Antelope Canyon. Bucket List a-must!

One less thing off my Bucket List

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As I cross one thing off my Bucket List, I usually add a couple more, so my list is never-ending.

As long as I have lived in Arizona I wanted to visit Antelope Canyon, but that plan seemed to be pushed aside as other things were easier to accomplish.This required a whole weekend trip, and I finally was ready to commit to leaving my home and dogs behind, and get on the road to see that jaw-dropping beauty.

Do we see Lower or Upper?

To this point neglected to learn about the difference between the two canyons. Turns out they are located within short distance from each other and as similar as they may be, they are also very different.  We have decided to see the Lower Canyon that day.

Lower Antelope entry starts through a narrow slot in the ground where you squeeze through a narrow opening. You will go up and down many steep ladders.  The Lower Canyon has many of those ladders throughout its about 500 ft. length, and is much steeper.  For those with fear of small spaces, or having a hard time walking up the steps I recommend skipping this one and going to Upper Antelope instead.

Upper Antelope is shorter, wider and easier to conquer. Also, the beams of light radiating down from the opening of the top of the canyon are more common and easier to capture on camera. Easier to walk as the base is wider, so choose wisely, but whatever the decision will be, you will have an amazing experience nonetheless.

Just one more photo, please!

As you move through the canyon, you notice all the different sand rock formation.

Some even come with names, as our tour guide explained.

This is The Chief. Can you  see it?

No matter how many photos you take, the time of the day, the light and angle makes each picture astonishing and different.


Oh crap!

My friend and I had lot’s of fun and aside of Antelope canyon, we saw many strange people, some cool cars, walked the “beach” at Lake Powell, saw a roll over truck hauling a boat and…got hit with a metal something, that flew right into the windshield and shattered the corner. The glass particles were all the way in the back seat of the SUV. Now, that was one memorable adventure.

My Bucket List still calls for Bearizona and several hiking trails near Flagstaff, AZ.

2018 will be a busy year for me!





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7 thoughts on “Antelope Canyon. Bucket List a-must!

  1. Hello New Arizona friend! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

    Great post! We enjoyed Antelope Canyon! There is so much to see in our beautiful state!

    Keep up the great work on your blog. By the way, I am so glad you are okay from that stuff hitting your windshield!!

    1. Thank you, It is amazing. And the windshield has been replaced the next day, but scary nonetheless. What is it was hit higher, and whatever that was went right through it? Yikes!

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